Hello Friends!

Yes it’s that time of year again! We as a family along with our Ty Cerrig elves are starting to prepare a festive sack full of seasonally smashing ideas to ensure you have great family fun choosing your perfect tree from our farm again this year, making memories taking photos, following the elf trail enjoying a hot chocolate and indulging in a little retail therapy choosing a few extra dec’s and cards

What’s happening this year Christmas 2021

I have been watching closely the updates from the Welsh government and have decided that although things seem to be improving there is still a possibility of change as we go into the winter months - so with this in mind I have decided to leave the safety measures we put in place last year to ensure social distancing and being outdoors as much as possible to give our customers confidence that, with in reason, we will not need to make any last minute changes.

What does this mean for me

You will need to book a slot to visit - this can be done here on our website the same way as last year. If this will be your first visit to us please follow the instructions in the ‘by appointment ‘ section to reserve your time slot to visit the farm, the booking system ensures we spread out our visitors so everyone can have the space to enjoy themselves safely, plus it gives you a parking space, opportunity to wander round the farm, choose your tree, visit the outside cafe, the new shop, and for the children to follow the elf trail, your booking fee will then be deducted from your tree purchase.

Tinsel time slots

By booking a time slot we can guarantee that there will be plenty of queue free space for you to wander around enjoying the farm choosing your own fresh Ty Cerrig Tree and filling your tree sledge with goodies such as wreathes stands and tree decorations.


Elf Adventures

Our Ty Cerrig elves have been busy again this year hiding clues for the elf trail treasure hunt in their gardens. NEW for this year look out for some colourful surprises in our wellie walk. Remind your children that we have our magic post box ready for all their letters to Father Christmas (the elves take the letters directly to the North Pole no stamp required!) Also in less busy news we have children’s hot chocolate and Christmas cookies available to relax and enjoy after all the festive fun.


You now have the option to have your seasonal stash delivered to your door - so go mad and have a great big tree!! Simply enjoy choosing your tree and other festive goodies- take them to the till and we will arrange the rest (Delivery is charged at £2 per google mile from the farm CF5 6TR).

School cash back

We are all about family at ty Cerrig and this includes our local family. Our school cash back scheme enables participating schools to receive money back from your tree purchase in the new year - simply select your school from the drop down in the appointment menu to earn cash back for your school!

Sleigh bell surfers

Online shopping! Yes we Ty Cerrig elves are up with the times and down with the kids - in our state of the art online shopping section you can buy all our Ty Cerrig trees & treats from the comfort of your own Sofa - you stay in your slippers - we pull on our wellies and do it all for you!

To all these bauble belting choices you can add the option to have your seasonal stash delivered or we can arrange an evening collection slot as well as help with fitting stands and much much more. We will continue to add more options and details to our website and share up to date news on our facebook page as the weeks fly and the restrictions change.

This Ty Cerrig Christmas is going to our best ever because it includes you. Book in now and have something wonderful to look forward to this year!


The Ty Cerrig Family


The Reynolds family took over Ty Cerrig Christmas tree farm in 2017. The  family background is in Christmas trees and Stephen, with help from his wife Helen and Children Charlie Kate Bill and Fred runs a large wholesale Christmas tree business from the family farm in Beguildy, Mid Wales. The family have been involved in the growing and selling of Christmas trees for over 25 years and  enjoyed every minute of it, Christmas is all about family, fun,  friends food and treasured memories all centered around your very own Christmas tree, and the family take great pride growing and helping everyone of their customers to select their own person perfect tree.  Helen oversees the retail outlets and also runs ‘3cheers for jolly good Christmas trees’ pop up shops. 



As the Children have grown up they have carried their love of trees and Christmas fun with them, Charlie now runs his own Christmas tree Farm in Keele where he has settled and made wonderful friends. Bill and Kate have stayed true to their welsh roots, Kate working in Cardiff and Bill combining managing his sheep flock with the growing and maintenance of the Ty Cerrig trees, Both Bill and Helen look forward to personally welcoming visitors to Ty Cerrig again this year to choose from the wide selection of home grown trees plus the freshly supplied selection of trees delivered from the larger Powys Farm this all ensures they have the right tree for everyone. This just leaves Fred as a free sprits dashing from place to place filling in the festive gaps in the staffing serving customers and some would say - doing all the work - this may be why Fred holds the family record for the most tips! 

Tree Care

To get the most out of your Christmas tree this year, follow these guidelines.
It is advisable to let a freshly cut Christmas tree stand for a day or so outside in a bucket of water before taking the tree into the house.
We recommend you treat your Christmas tree like a cut flower, cut 1/2 inch off the trunk (stem) before putting it in water holding stand. 

Keep it topped up with water as you will be surprised a just how much it will drink.
Display as far away from a heat source as possible, not next to a radiator or that roaring open fire or wood burner.
Remember, the better watered and cooler you can keep it, the longer it will last. 

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